Announcement| Please be careful about recent Phishing Emails pretending to be sent from different departments of NCTU.  Monday April 1st, 2019

Recently, many users responded that they had received forged system notice messages (as shown in the example of Attachment 1 below) pretending to be sent from different departments of NCTU. Usually, each of these forged alert messages contained faked abnormal status (e.g., system full) about one’s account and tried to trick the user to fix her/his account problems by clicking the attached faked (and harmful) URL link. If the user had followed the link accidently, she/he would be re-directed to a forged web site, pretending to be our web-mail system (as shown in the example in Attachment 2 below). The attacker(s) intended to use the forged site to collect the login credentials (i.e., <username, password> pairs) of the fooled victims.

In short, the messages mentioned about are Phsing E-mails. In principle, phishing is the process whereby someone attempts to obtain your confidential information, such as your account/password, from you by cheating. The attacker(s) often trick the victim to provide one’s confident information with forged urgent scenarios (i.e., hard to confirm its truth or falseness, in time). If you ever get these phsing messages again, please do NOT open them and remove them immediately.  For your account’ safety, you had better change your password periodically (i.e., every 6 months) to alleviate the risk of stolen password accidently .

If you have any further problem, please contact us at the information counter (i.e., by calling 31888) of Information Technology Service Center.