Video Conference Rooms

If you consider applying for video conference services, please contact the responsible people listed in the following table below.

Department/BuildingConference RoomContact personExt. phone number
Humanities Building 1
(Guangfu Campus)
Conference Room?HA112Ms. Hui-Chen Chen31604
Humanities Building 2
(Guangfu Campus)
Amphitheatre?PR110Ms. Hui-Chen Chen31604
Management Building 1
(Guangfu Campus)
Amphitheatre?MB10Ms. Angel Shen31358
Dept. of Transportation and Logistics Management?
(Guangfu Campus)
Classroom?904Ms. Yin-Ju Yang31489
Classroom?905Ms. Yin-Ju Yang31489
Conference Room 801Ms. Yin-Ju Yang31489
Information Building
(Guangfu Campus)
Amphitheatre CS100Ms. Yi-Xuan Lin52527
College of Hakka Studies
(Liujia Campus)
Conference Room?HK115Mr. Chu-Hung Lin58703
Classroom B08Mr. Chu-Hung Lin58703
Taipei Beimen Post Office Building
(Taipei Campus)
Lecture Hall 2, Floor 3Ms. Ler-Jen Wang57621
Conference Room 1, Floor 4Ms. Mei-Chih Liu57651
Classroom 3, Floor 4Ms. Mei-Chih Liu57651
Lecture Hall 1, Floor 5Ms. Ler-Jen Wang57621