Faculty and Staff Email

I can’t receive any mail!

  • Possible cause (1): your mailbox is full.
    Log onto webmaiL Round Cube or Horde to check if the hard drive space exceeds 100%. If yes, please call the service counter at extension 31888 for assistance.
  • Possible cause (2): the 2G capacity of Outlook Express for a single mailbox is maxed out.
    If the error code 0x800c0133 shows up after clicking [Send/Receive], it means the mailbox maxes out its 2G capacity. You need to change the file name of inbox to generate a new inbox before receiving any mail. For details, please refer to “What to do when your Outlook Express mailbox is full” (video tutorial) in the instructions of [ITSC service instructions] at http://training.it.nctu.edu.tw or What to do when your Outlook Express is full .
  • Possible cause (3): the mail service is blocked by the email scan of anti-virus program when receiving mails.
    Exit Outlook. Deactivate the email scan in the anti-virus program and open Outlook to test if it works.

I can’t send any mail!

  • Possible cause (1): you have checked the [secure password authentication required for login] or [secure password authentication required for my outgoing server] in Outlook.
  • Possible cause (2): no reverse domain for the IP
    Go to [Start]>>[Run]>>enter cmd>> enter nslookup IP (your IP address). If there is a “domain” behind the name, your IP is reversed. If not, your IP is not reversed, and please call the web administrator of your department for assistance.
  • Possible cause (3): you sent a mail through an off-campus network.
    The university’s SMTP server is for the on-campus network only. To send a mail over an off-campus network, please log onto Staff Webmail (http://webmail.cc.nctu.edu.tw) or ITSC’s “SASL authenticated mail service”.

如何在 Gmail 或 Yahoo 信箱設定接收教職員 Email 信件

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What should I do when I receive a mail requesting me to reply an account and password?

  • No matter what the mail is, the system administrator will never ask you to reply your account and password over an email. If you receive such a mail, it is 100% a phishing mail. Do not reply in any circumstance. For any concern, please call service counter at extension 31888 for assistance.