Software Services

For the license key provided by Campus Agreement Software Service, may I install the key on other software obtained through other channels?

According to the regulations on the contract, the license key provided by Campus Agreement Software Service can only be applied to Campus Agreement Software. Please pay attention: applying license key provided by Campus Agreement Software Service on the software obtained illegally is regarded as piracy. Please do not defy the laws.

One software is often used in my course. Is it supplied by ITSC?

Currently, all software open for downloading on CA FTP are School Volume Licensed for all faculties, staffs, and students. If one software is not found on FTP, it means that the School Licensed version of the software is not purchased by ITSC.

Each department, institute, and college can also purchase software license according to the requirement. The software is open to internal use. You may ask the software manager in your department, institute, or college if the software has been purchased and can be supplied for you.

Can alumni continue to apply for KMS authentication?

Students can apply for KMS authentication after graduation.

If I cannot log in Campus Agreement Software FTP, how can I solve the problem?

  1. Please ensure that your software environment and network connection work normally.
  2. Please ensure that your D2 e-mail box is activated, and you have complete the registration in the current semester.
  3. Please ensure that the FTP address and account are entered correctly. For the settings and login of FTP, please visit the webpage here.
  4. Please ensure that the password is entered correctly. You can check password by logging in on the D2 system by your student number. If the correct password is lost, please fill the “Application for Change Password of D2 Email Box” at information desk.

If all information is entered correctly, and D2 email box has already been activated, but you still cannot log in FTP, please submit your student number to information desk for help.

After students graduate/ leave NCTU or staff members resign, can the Campus Agreement Software be used continuously?

Campus Agreement Software is provided for legal use and downloading by faculties, staffs, and students during the period of their employment/study in NCTU. After they graduate/leave NCTU or resign, the Campus Agreement Software downloaded during the period of their employment/study in NCTU can be used continuously. However, you have no right anymore to update new versions and to use other new software. Hence, you cannot log in Campus Agreement Software FTP.