Campus IC Card

I have a replacement ID card but it doesn’t work with dorm access. What should I do?

Please talk to the Housing Service at 3rd floor of the Department of Information Science Building for dorm access with ID cards.

I had my student/staff ID replaced but it doesn’t give me the access to around-campus motorcycle route at the entrance gate(s). What should I do?

The access to the motorcycle route is granted on the next day of replacement. Please talk to the Campus Security at 2nd floor of the Department of Information Science Building if the access is still not granted after the time mentioned above.

I lost my EasyCard student ID. Who is responsible for the loss to fraud after I reported the loss of ID?

The card holder is responsible for the losses to any fault play conducted with the lost ID card within 48 hours of card loss reporting.

How long does it take to have the balance in my lost EasyCard student ID transferred to the account I provide?

The remaining balance in the lost EasyCard will be transferred to the account provided in the card loss report in 14 workdays. For any doubt about this transfer, please call the 24hr customer service of EasyCard at 412-8880 (add 02 in the front for calls made from cell phones, Kinmen or Matsu).

I reported the loss of my student ID but found it before the replacement card was issued. Can I keep using the found ID?

If the system has not yet sent out the request, you may cancel it in the system and the found ID remains valid.
However, if the request has been sent out, the dorm access and EasyCard functions will be cancelled on the found student ID. Please follow the procedure for replacement.
Note: the system send out these requests at 6:00 and 12:00 every day (including weekends and holidays).