Wireless Network

Campus wireless network instructions

Reset wireless network

2020-08-12 The wireless network of NCTU underwent a system upgrade. Therefore, the old connection authentication method will not be available anymore.

  1. In order to confirm your account and the password is correct, please make sure to log in to the portal (https://portal.nctu.edu.tw) first.
  2. In addition, if your computer or device has old wireless network settings, please refer to the link below to clear the old setting:
    Reset wireless network

After that, continue with the following settings.


  • Service for Staff and students of NCTU.
  • Authentication method: 802.1X (PEAP-MSCHAP v2)

How to use

  • Set the computer to obtain an IP address automatically (DHCP)
  • Account and password: Using the one that you login to the portal ([https://portal.nctu.edu.tw/](https://portal.nctu.edu.tw/)).
  • Instructions for each system connection


Service items that need to be applied separately

NCTU Seminar

  • The school sponsor/co-organizer should fill in the information service application form of the Information Technology Service Center and attach the relevant activity agenda documents to the Information Technology Service Center 3 days before the event.
  • Only provide web browsing services in the school domain and non-P2P service outside the school domain.

NCTU Guest

  • Click the create a new guest account on the authentication webpage to enter the application form. After filling in the that, the account/password will be sent to the applicant’s mobile phone via text message.
  • If you cannot receive the text message for a long time after you submitted the application. Please confirm with the carrier whether do you reject the “corporate text message” and the ” value-added text message”.
  • Only provide web browsing service.