Wireless Network


  1. Set the wireless network adapter of your connected device to obtain an IP address automatically (DHCP).
  2. For 802.1X authentication method (more secure):
  1. For web authentication method, please select the Wi-Fi name (SSID) and follow the instructions below:
      • NCTU student, faculty and staff: Please select “NCTU-Wireless” and login with your NCTU portal (https://portal.nctu.edu.tw/) account and password. (Attention: NCTU-wireless will be out of service from August 1, 2020.)
      • NCTU seminar participants: Please select “NCTU-Seminar”.
      • NCTU visitors: Please select “NCTU-Guest”. When connected, users will be redirected to the authentication portal (as shown below) to login with account and password.
      • Wireless Network



  • NCTU is a member of TANet Roaming, please refer to Taiwan Academic Network Roaming Center for more information.
  • Wi-Fi SSID: Please select “TANetRoaming”, ”eduroam” or any SSID specified by each organization.
  • Account and password: Please login with your NCTU portal (https://portal.nctu.edu.tw/) account and password. (Please add @nctu.edu.tw behind account name)
  • Authentication method:
    • “TANetRoaming” is authenticated through web portal.
    • ”eduroam” is authenticated through 802.1X, please select “PEAP” for EAP method and “GTC” for Phase 2 authentication.
  • Instruction of eduroam 802.1X connection.


NCTU Wireless Network Account Application and Services

  1. NCTU-Seminar
    • NCTU seminar organizers/co-organizers must submit the Information Service Application Form and relevant agenda documents to the Information Technology Service Center to apply for account.
    • Only web browsing services within NCTU domain and non-P2P services outside of NCTU domain are provided.
  1. NCTU-Guest
    • Please click Add NCTU-Guest account on the authentication portal. After your application, the account and password will be sent to the applicant’s mobile phone via SMS.
    • If the SMS is not received, please contact your telecom carrier to check whether “Deny Enterprise Message” of “Deny Value-Added Message” is enabled.
    • Only web browsing services are provided.