Dormitory Network

About Dormitory Network

  • 17 dormitories of NCTU are located in Boai and Kuang-Fu campuses. The network of each dormitory is connected to ITSC with fiber.  ITSC allocates each user 100 Mbps bandwidth using DHCP.
  • You must login with your portal account for identity authentication to access the dormitory network.
  • Note: Wireless network is NOT provided in student dormitories now.

How to use the dormitory network?

  1. First, please make sure that you have applied portal account, and you remember your account and password.
  2. Please enter your portal account and password in the authentication web page. After 5 seconds, you can access the dormitory network successfully.
    Dormitory Network

Dormitory Network Report for Repair Procedure

  1. Please login NCTU portal ( first, and click “NCTU Information Service Tracking System”.
  2. Please click “IT Support and Management Module” ⇒ “Incident Procedure Management” ⇒ “New Incident Report”, and then you can register a new report for repair.
  3. Each field marked * must be filled reliably. Moreover, the incident description shall be written as detailed as possible to assist engineers to judge the situation.
  4. For the convenience to communicate with you, please register your mobile phone number. Otherwise, ITSC can only contact you with email.