VPN Network

About SSL VPN Services

  • Because of information security, some of NCTU resources must be limited to access in NCTU network domain, e.g., the electronic journals, the administrative system, Campus Agreement Software, and so on. For users to access these resources outside campus, ITSC provides the SSL VPN service.
  •  SSL VPN supports the following devices currently:
    • For computer and notebook (Windows, Mac, and Linux), users must install the software  “Juniper Network Connect” first.
    • For mobile device (iOS and Android), users must install the  “Junos Pulse” APP first.

How to use

  1. Download the connection program “Pulse Secure” and install it.
  2. Activate “Pulse Secure”, input your NCTU Portal account and password
    (The same account for using NCTU Portal : portal.nctu.edu.tw )
  3. Start connection.

The Juniper Network connect software

Find attached files below.