NCTU FTTB Regulation

  • About FTTB Service:

  1. NCTU provides FTTB service in Hsinchu and Taipei (applying Chunghwa Telecom Network).
  2. For the feasibility of FTTB set up in your location, please make a toll free hot line with number 123 in local telephone system to contact customer service, or inquire the details online (Network Address: http//123.cht.com.tw/).
  3. After completing the FTTB application, each user will receive one circuit serial number (ex. xxxYxxxxx) used for future maintenance and identification. Each user shall be informed of the serial number when FTTB is set up, and s/he also can catch the information on the monthly bill in the future.
  4. NCTU provides and assigns one fixed physical IP for each user. Moreover, NCTU will inform each user of the IP address and other related configurations with email. If an user needs to access network through more than one computer, please purchase an IP router by herself/himself.
  5. Because of a limited number of fixed IP, each applicant can apply for one only. Once all fixed IP have been applied for, the application should be reopened after someone surrendered.
  6. NCTU FTTB can be used for applying MOD service. Each applicant can apply for both at the same time.
  7. Each applicant can apply for NCTU FTTB without local phone attached. For an original ADSL user who wants to transfer the system to NCTU FTTB without local phone, s/he can apply to surrender the ADSL with attached local phone. To apply for FTTB with new local phone, an applicant can choose the promotion package which the system setup fee of local phone is free (please refer to the promotion package field on the application form).
  8. An original user shall settle all her/his monthly rental fees before transferring the system to a new user.
  9. For transferring system, moving system, upgrading system, changing fixed IP, modified email, each customer shall fill the application form and submit it to NCTU. The application form will be transferred to Chunghwa Telecom.
  10. For any alteration, an user shall pay NTD200 of alteration fee to Chunghwa Telecom. The fee will be counted and paid with the local phone bill or the network bill attached.
  11. To terminate the rental, please submit the application to Chunghwa Telecom directly. To change to other ISP, please contact the ISP directly (without any procedure in NCTU).
  • Who can apply:

  1. The applicant must be NCTU faculty, staff, or students.
  2. For each applicant younger than 20 years old, not only her/his related certificate must be verified, but also the declaration of parental consent, copies of parental Identity Card, and copies of parental National Health Insurance Card must be attached.
  •  How to apply:

Please carry the following document to ITSC service counter for the application. Faculty, staff, and students of each unit in Taipei can visit the service counter of NCTU Library Taipei Campus for the application.

  1. Application Form (Please fill it by computer-typed written form. Handwritten one will not be accepted).
  2. Faculty and Staff Service Certificate or Student Card.
  3. Pairs of certificates (Identity Card and National Health Insurance Card / Identity Card and R.O.C. Driver’s License).
  4. Each foreigner shall carry the passport to be the primary certificate, and the R.O.C. Resident Certificate to be the secondary certificate.

※ Since ITSC has to verify your certificates in the service counter, all transferred applications are NOT accepted.

  • How to Fill in an Application Form

  1. Please replace the bold italics words with your data in the fields of the application form by computer-typed written form (handwritten one will not be accepted.)
  2. If you are an applicant for first rental, please fill your data in the field of “Before Alternation.”
  3. If you are an applicant for any alternation, you need to fill both fields of “Before Alternation” and “After Alternation.”
  4. If your secondary certificate is R.O.C. Driver’s License, please fill in the thirteen-digit Reference No. in the lower right corner of the License. If your secondary certificate is the National Health Insurance Card, please fill in the total twelve numbers, which are divided to three groups and one group contains four numbers, in the lower left corner of the Card.
  5. Before printing out the application form, please modify the “Page Layout” to print it within one page. Moreover, please sign and seal in the applicant’s signature field, and put the stamp of your unit.
  6. If you have any question, please contact ITSC service counter by NCTU extension 52817 or 31888 first before you visit ITSC.
  • Please Note the Followings:

  1. All users must abide by “Taiwan Academic Network Management and Norms.” If there is any significant irregularity, ITSC can stop and cancel the user’s access right, and the user may have to bear the legal responsibility.
  2. Please do NOT download any illegal files through the academic network.
  3. When the faculty or staff leave or students are graduated, they must surrender the rental from Chunghwa Telecom and transfer it to another ISP.
  4. All user data received by NCTU for business requirements are confidential. NCTU must NOT disclose any information to any third party unless an user requests to access her/his data, or the situation complies with one of the Paragraphs listed in Articles 23 of the Personal Data Protection Act.


NCTU FTTB Application Form

NCTU FTTB Contract Term