Information Technology Service Center Classroom Policy


The following policies are formulated to ensure the technological resources and the learning environment provided by the Information Technology Service Center (ITSC, the Center hereafter) are used effectively to best support all educational purposes.

Classroom Usage Guidelines

  1. Computer classroom access is restricted to authorized individuals with a valid NCTU ID. Sharing or using other’s ID is prohibited.
  2. No food, drink, smoking, littering and disorderly behavior is allowed in the classrooms at any time in order to maintain the best educational environment for all users.
  3. Contact the service desk regarding any equipment usage question. The party will be held responsible for damages caused by any attempt to remove or modify existing equipment in the Center.
  4. Vandalizing, tampering and/or stealing any equipment is strictly prohibited.
  5. Accessing and/or exploring any on-line materials with pornographic nature and/or online gaming are prohibited.
  6. Only the designated printer paper provided by the Center can be used for all laser print jobs to avoid possible equipment malfunction.
  7. The service desk can process refund for failed print job only if the error is caused by printer malfunction, such as paper jam, poor print quality and low toner, etc..
  8. Please contact the service desk for printer support, e.g. Paper refill, paper jam, and low toner, etc..  Any attempt to correct the condition by modifying existing equipment is forbidden.
  9. Sharing, abusing and/or falsifying authorized account is prohibited.
  10. Downloading, executing, and/or copying any illegal software or multimedia materials  protected  by copyright and license  is prohibited.
  11. Downloading and/or installing any unauthorized software on the computers  in the  classrooms is forbidden in order to protect intellectual property rights.
  12. Any verified misconduct or violation of the above guidelines can result in disciplinary action up to and including loss of Center privileges and legal actions.
  13. The listed policies and future updates take effect immediately upon approval by the ITSC administration.

The Chinese version of the document shall prevail in case of any discrepancy or inconsistency between Chinese version and its English translation.