Website Construction Platform Service Regulation

  1. Purpose
    The Information Technology Services Center provides website construction platform (Web Hosting) services to support the administrative units of the entire university in constructing websites. Using this stable service and reliable hardware network environment will strengthen information security and reduce website management and maintenance difficulties, that could eventually lead to carbon reduction.
  2. Service Specifications
    The Information Technology Service Center (hereinafter referred to as The Center) uses the Web Platform Management System (cPanel) to build up this service. Specifications are as follows:

    Specifications Description
    Domain Name Each unit may choose its own suitable domain name (*
    Hard Disk Space 10 GB
    PHP Support 5.2 or greater
    MySQL Support 5.0 or greater (database code must be Unicode)
    PHPMyAdmin Yes
    FTP Yes
    Web File Manager Yes
    The 404 error page Yes
    Content Protection Yes
    Chinese Management Interface Yes
    Administrator Account 1-2 account password (for unit or outsourcing companies)
    Remote LINK TOOLS No remote desktop and remote login
  1. Scope of Service
    1. Provides website construction only
    2. The Center’s services do not include web page designing, software installation, software upgrade, website testing, website debugging, website modification, data transfer.
  2. Service Applications, Modification and Termination Methods
    1. Application for service, modification and termination must be made on the NCTU Website Construction Platform Services Form, which can be downloaded from the Center’s website. Fill in the form completely and submit to your unit supervisor for approval. It will then be sent to The Center’s service counter for review. The Centerwill then contact the applicant and discuss subsequent related matters before starting online services application. The Center will also make an announcement to that effect.
    2. The applicant must be an administrative unit of the University (from the Secretary’s office to any part of the University). The applicant may be a staff or professor of NCTU.
    3. New applications must have the approval of the Center’s Director.
    4. Whenever there is a change for the contact person, the unit should take the initiative to correct the details and have The Center informed.
    5. When a unit’s website is no longer in use, the unit should take the initiative to terminate the application, so as to avoid lack of site maintenance.
  3. Use
    1. The website is for the use of the unit and is not transferable.
    2. Use by the unit should comply with the service regulations.
    3. Use by the unit should comply with the Center’s Information Security Policy.
    4. Units with an already existing sytem and wishing to apply for this service must have their system specifications adhered to the service standards. The follow-up work for the system transfer must be done by the applying unit.
    5. Units with a new system and wishing to apply for this service must have their system specifications adhered to the service standards and follow the “ Information Systems Outsourcing Development Considerations” as recommended by The Center
    6. Units should regularly back up their own units of information so as to avoid unnecessary situation where data cannot be retrieved.
    7. When The Center is making information security checks and if needed, the unit should be ready to help with the reinforcement.
    8. The Center, while providing the administrator account password to the units, it should, however, be properly managed. The password cannot be disclosed or made available to non-management staff.
    9. The Center will reconfirm the service with all the units on a yearly basis. In case the contact person cannot be reached, service will be temporarily stopped. And after a year, if the contact person is still not available, then the whole site will be removed.
    10. While using the unit website, if there is any violation of The Center’s provisions as stated below, The Center will immediately proceed to the suspension of the site and notify the unit’s contact person. If it is not actively improved, The Center will look for temporary closure or termination of service.
      1. Affect other users others or affect the normal operation of the host system
      2. If any information security incident occurs or if the web application causes vulnerability security concerns to the system
      3. If there is suspected illegal intrusion in other systems to act with ill-intention
      4. Sending by all means large volumes of spam and junk mail so as to affect the normal operation of other services
      5. In case of suspicion of violation of intellectual property rights
    11. The unit’s way of storing and using information, if found to contravene the service regulations, or violating intellectual property rights, public order, good behavior and other legal provisions will see The Center exercise its right to terminate the service, without any possibility for appeal. The unit will also have to bear all legal responsibilities.
    12. These regulations will be implemented after the approval of The Center’s Supervisory Committee. The same procedure will be repeated for each revision.