Campus Network Resources Management Policy


The “Rules of National Chiao Tung University for the Use of Campus Network Resources” (referred to as the Rules hereafter) are established by the Information Technology Services Center (referred to as ITSC hereafter) to help the academic and research entities of the university perform studies in relation to computer and network and/or conduct experiments and/or tests over campus network without compromising the maintenance and functioning of campus network service or violating any law, moral code or the principle of user charges.

Campus network resource

The campus network resource mentioned in the Rules consists of network platforms, network equipment, network traffic, information security messages, network wiring and information machine rooms provided by ITSC as part of the service range.

Targeted users

The Rules apply to the project leaders and staff who perform research projects on the campus of NTCU.

Requests for testing

Project leader shall submit an experiment/test program proposal (referred to as the proposal hereafter) to ITSC depending on the need for studies. The proposal shall provide, as a minimum, the purpose of and the team participating in the test proposed, test items, duration and location of the test, number of tests to be performed, data use, data protection and network service quality assurance. The proposal shall be submitted year by year and executed after reviewed by the director of ITSC and approved in ITSC meeting. Comments of other university entities, if any, may be consulted during the review depending on the nature of test proposed. The same applies to changes in a proposal.

Statement of responsibility


ITSC is responsible to keep the contents of proposal submitted by project leader confidential. All staff members involved are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Project leader
  1. The experiment/test conducted shall not compromise the normal functioning and service quality of the campus network.
  2. The Taiwan Academic Network Management and Regulations shall apply for the experiment/test conducted.
  3. All staff members of the test project proposed are expected to observe the “Personal Information Protection Act” for the protection of personal information security, and shall sign a confidentiality agreement.
  4. The requirements of “information security policy based on ISO 27001” established by ITSC shall be followed by the execution of test project.
  5. ITSC shall be paid for any and all costs arising from assistances in the experiment/test project, including costs for development of test facility or machine room, utility bills, human resource costs and/or any necessary miscellaneous expenses.
  6. In case that the experiment/test conducted compromises the campus network or violates any of the Rules, ITSC may suspend or terminate the project involved.
  7. ITSC will stop providing services at the end or termination of an experiment/test project. The leader of the project involved is responsible to restore the test facility and environment used.

Study results

The Rules of NCTU for Management of Research Results and Technology Transfers and/or other applicable rules and regulations shall apply for the study results and/or intellectual property rights generated from the use of campus experiment environment.

The Rules are in effect upon the approval in the administration meeting. The same applies to amendments.