Web Hosting


The Information Technology Services Center provides website construction platform (Web Hosting) services to support the administrative units of the entire university in constructing websites. Using this stable service and reliable hardware network environment will strengthen information security and reduce website management and maintenance difficulties, that could eventually lead to carbon reduction.

Service Specifications

The Information Technology Service Center (hereinafter referred to as The Center) uses the Web Platform Management System (cPanel) to build up this service. Specifications are as follows:

Specifications Description
Domain Name Each unit may choose its own suitable domain name (*.nctu.edu.tw)
Hard Disk Space 10 GB
PHP Support 5.2 or greater
MySQL Support 5.0 or greater (database code must be Unicode)
PHPMyAdmin Yes
Web File Manager Yes
The 404 error page Yes
Content Protection Yes
Chinese Management Interface Yes
Administrator Account 1-2 account password (for unit or outsourcing companies)
Remote LINK TOOLS No remote desktop and remote login

Scope of Service

  1. Provides website construction only
  2. The Center’s services do not include web page designing, software installation, software upgrade, website testing, website debugging, website modification, data transfer.

Terms of Use

Please refer to the Website Construction Platform Service Regulation.



Web Hosting Service Application Form