Virtual Private Server

Service objective

The Virtual Private Server rental service of ISTC provides stable, secure and reliable machine room and server resources for the campus of NCTU. The university departments do not have to buy and maintain their own systems, and the cloud computing technology allows dynamic integration and allocation of hardware and software resources, making the use of information equipment more efficient and brining the effect of energy saving and CO2 reduction for the university.

Target users

This service is available for all the research, academic and administrational departments of NTCU upon request depending on the need for research, teaching or university business.

Service features

  1. Private resource

The VPS rental service provides simulated dedicated server for the disposal of university departments. Each VPS is allocated with its own CPU, memories and hard drive space, while enjoying the highest authority as an OS administrator. It is perfect for those who demand systems with higher specifications or are in need for autonomous management for, for example, running special programs, calculations or websites with large amount of transmissions.

2. Flexible allocation of resource and time

Users are allowed to configure the hardware resources (e.g. CPU quantity, memory size and storage space) and time of use depending on specific needs. Expansion of these resources is available for users’ needs even after the server is activated.

3. Information security and machine room management service

ITSC provides firewall, vulnerability management and professional machine room environment including UPS, air conditioning, environment monitoring and video surveillance. It helps release the workloads of maintaining servers from users.

 Specifications for use

The user is the department of request and is not transferrable.

  • The users are required to follow the “information security policy” established by ITSC.
  • Users are advised to back up their own data on a regular basis.
  • Users are expected to cooperate with security improvement as requested when ITSC performs information security checks.
  • It is users’ responsibility to keep their account numbers and passwords safe.
  • It is the full liability of users for the data stored and behaviors of using ITSC’s resources. In case of data stored or any behavior that is against public order, good morals or law, the user involved shall be held responsible for its own actions. The users agree that ITSC reserve the rights to suspend or terminate the service.
  • In case that the website established by a user is in violation of any of the following, ITSC has the right to take the service offline at the first available time and inform the contact person of the user involved for such an action. ITSC shall suspend the service if no immediate improvement is made.

A conduct that prevents others from using the service or compromises the normal functioning of system

An information security event or weak spot in web page program that may lead to a concern of system security

A suspicious attempt or behavior to hack into other websites through Internet

A transmission of large quantity of mails or packets in any way possible that may compromise the normal functioning of other services

  • A violation of any of the rules above will result in suspension or termination of this service. For any violation of the law, the parties involved shall be subject to the Civil Code, Criminal Code of the Republic of China, intellectual property laws or other applicable acts and fully responsible for the resulting legal consequence.